Red wines

The red wines are represented by Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. A few years ago we decided to dedicate us to the integrated production of grapes and wine to get quality products and respect the environment. All the vineyards are grassed over and we fertilize them only when it's really necessary. We pay attention to the results of soil analysis.

Aleksander Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabarnet Sauvignon

Deep ruby red colour with clear shades of purple.
The perfume is sweet with clear fruit aromas of wild berries.
On the palate it's intense, structured and harmonious, with soft tannins which sweeten.
Long aftertaste.
Serving suggestions:
It goes well with red meat dishes such as Carpaccio or grilled meat, well even with hard ripened cheese.
14,00% vol
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Aleksander Voja rdeča

Voja rdeča

Deep ruby red colour.
At the beginning, when it's aired and breathes it shows itself in all its grandeur.
Rich aromas of ripe fruits, especially berries, then plums, dark cherries and chocolate at the end.
Surprises in your mouth with velvety tannins, which took from merlot, while the cabernets contribute to freshness and body.
Serving suggestions:
Approaches very well to red meat dishes (roasted, grilled or even with dried meat). Also excellent with slightly spicy aged goat cheese. If we want to be seduced by its taste, we taste it alone or with dark chocolate.
14,50% vol
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Aleksander Medana novo

Medana novo

The young red wine of the wine-growing estate Aleksander consists of Merlot (80%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (20%).
The grapes of both varieties macerate together for four days and ferment almost up to drying.

Vivid red colour with violet reflections. Great intensity on the nose, fresh and lively, with fruity scents. Bouquet of ripe red fruit. The taste is almost dry, mild acids and soft tannins.
Serving suggestions:
The young wine goes very well with light dishes with vegetables, soups and minestrone.
12,00% vol

november - january
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